Electric & Electronic
Mass customization, short product life cycles, inventory devaluation, a high number of suppliers and rising expectations of retailers and end users, are transforming the Electric & Electronics Industry into one of the most complex business sectors.

Managing an ever-increasing number of high-value SKUs with a short life cycles, delivering a high volume of products in smaller batches and managing exchanges and returns are just some of the challenges that Manufacturers and Distributors are facing in the Electric & Electronics sector.

Our SILO Vertical Lift Modules help supply chain managers make the order fulfillment and consolidation process more efficient and competitive in term of both costs and time.
  • A reduction in order consolidation rime
  • Shorter lead times
  • Full real-time tracking and tracing of all stored items
  • High level of protection for stored items from thefts and unauthorized access
  • A reduction in operational costs and a more rapid return on investment
Acmei Sud increased the productivity up to 50% thanks to 4 Vertical Lift Modules SILO2 installed in the picking area.

Faster picking activities and full traceability of electrical components for PRIMA ELECTRO SPA thanks to SILO² VLM.

Logistics processes optimization, work environment enhancing, increase in productivity but first of all a lot of saved space.
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