The storage and the handling of long items such as profiles, pipes and bars, represents an enormous challenge for many companies that operate in a variety of sectors such as Aerospace & Defence, Automotive, Furniture, Building & Construction, etc. ...
The need to avoid damaging good due the incorrect handling or inadequate storage conditions, and in addition to store high value raw materials inside buildings while ensuring a smooth material flow, highlights the importance of efficient, accurate and safe storage solutions in order to quickly respond to market changes.

Making the entire supply chain and therefore the entire logistcs process more efficient is the first step towards increasing profitability and tackling the unstoppable increase in global competitiveness.

The high versatility and reliability of our SILO VLM range, makes it the ideal solution for the safe, ergonomic storage of long items.
  • Better exploitation of available space
  • Easy material handling
  • Operational ergonomics
  • An increase in productivity
  • Improvement in safety and security
  • Better storage conditions
  • Reduction of operational costs and a more rapid return on investment
Optimizing picking operations and maximizing space dedicated to store rolls of fabric thanks to SILOL VLM. 
SILOXL has allowed to simplify handling and storage of the technical fabric rolls, particularly heavy and bulky.

Improvement of picking and retrieval activities, safety, real time monitoring and efficiency. These are the benefits reached thanks to SILO² VLM.

Picking and retrieval activities more comfortable and cutting operations more secure and fast thank to SILOXL.

The aluminum bars are now stored inside the builidng thanks to the SILOXL, the single column vertical lift module for long and heavy items equipped with the external access opening. 
Easier and more ergonomic materials handling, and better optimization of space with SILOL.
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