Specialized by industries.
Tailored for all the intralogistic needs.
The ICAM SILO’s proven technology supports all kinds of storage and order picking needs, offering solutions for different sectors, applications and operational areas
Escalating commodity prices, increase in competition, stricter safety regulations and higher value inventories are the main challenges that the Aerospace and Defence Industry is facing...
The growth in e-commerce sales and the consequent significant increase in the number of packages to be delivered, as well as undelivered packages to be rescheduled for delivery and returns, has made management of the logistics processes of the companies who operates in the Logistics & Transport Industry even more complex.
Mass customization, short product life cycles, inventory devaluation, a high number of suppliers and rising expectations of retailers and end users, are transforming the Electric & Electronics Industry into one of the most complex business sectors.
An increase in the number of product variants, fluctuating production volumes, aprogressive reduction of vertical integration with end producers all contribute to make the logistic process of the Automotive Industry supply chain extremely complex. This is compounded by ever shorter product cycles, while production processes continue to become more complex and even less time is left for delivery. The supply chain has to meet high standards in terms of both quality and flexibility and requires
Today’s highly competitive Printing, Publishing and Packaging markets make it essential for companies to constantly improve their supply chain efficiency, in terms of safety, perfomance and cost reductions. Businesses which operate in this sector must streamline operations and costs throughout their logistical process to remain competitive and meet customer expectations.
Components or semi-finished parts manufacturers and suppliers are facing new challenges in storage and materials handling.
Over the past few years, clothing and accessories manufacturers and dealers have been facing unprecedented competitive pressures generated by the increasing trend towards globalization, the process of trade liberalization and a decline in international consumption.
The Chemical and Cosmetics Industries are facing an increasingly complex world due to stricter safey regulations and an increasing number of competitors. In fact, most of companies operating in this Industry, expand their product portfolio in order to meet the demands of a rapidly changing market with all the resulting logistics challenges.
Accuracy and reliability are critical factors in the success of all the companies and public or private institutions, that operate in the Healthcare supply chain.
All companies that operate in Building & Construction Industry are currently facing a completely new market compared to that of the past. There are now an increasing number of suppliers at a global level, consumers are more sensitive towards environmental and design aspects and new safety regulations continue to come out.
Designing an accurate internal material workflow for assembly stations tending is the main logistics challenge that the companies who operate in the mechanical industry must face to aim at highest productivity, lower operating costs and health and safety at work.
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