Whether you are using containers, trays or carton units, in large or small parts stores, space and time should always be given priority. With our Vertical Lift Systems this can easily be achieved whilst still ensuring a high level of flexibility thanks to their modular design.
Benefits at a glance:
  • Goods-to-person principle
  • Optimized space utilization
  • Increased productivity with faster access
  • Increased accuracy
  • Ergonomics
  • Security

Silo Vertical Lift Systems ensure that space is optimized to the full, using intelligent solutions to provide quick access to stored goods resulting in a fast ROI.
Space Utilization
Save money by saving space.
The SILO Vertical Lift Systems are able to optimize the use of space by providing higher storage capacity within a smaller footprint. Compared with non-automated storage solutions a SILO can utilize up to 85 % of space which would otherwise be wasted, exploiting the height of the premises to the full. The resulting floor space saved can either be re-allocated for different operations or kept to meet future requirements as the company grows. Thanks to their vertical development SILOs can also be used to link different floors within a building, thereby further reducing the amount of space required.
Modularity for maximum exploitation of space and adaptability to any need.
Thanks to their modular design SILO storage systems, both single and multiple-columns, can be easily adapted to any space requirements, maximizing the exploitation of all available space.
Single and Multi–Column Systems (SILO2, SILOL, SILOPLUS, SILO XL)

Storage systems in basements
SILO’s flexibility enables the exploitation of the entire available space, even in basements.

Multiple-floored premises
SILOs can also be adapted to multi–floored premises and they can be managed via multiple access openings positioned on each floor.

Pillar Integration
SILOs are the ideal solution even in premises with pillars. In this case, the pillar is integrated into the system and trays can be positioned on the front and back of the system except where the pillar is located.

Outdoor systems
Thanks to special insulated panels, Silos can also be installed as an outdoor module, fully integrated with an existing building. Indoor access openings positioned on the Silo² system, ensure comfortable and weather–protected operations.
Multi-Column Systems (SILO² e SILOPLUS)

Low–roofed premises
While traditional Vertical Lift Systems develop exclusively in height, SILO² and SiloPLUS are able to exploit the full available horizontal space, linking up to 8 stocking columns; it is therefore the ideal solution, even in low-roofed premises.

U-shaped Layouts
As opposed from traditional single–column Vertical Lift Systems, SILO² and SiloPLUS multi–column Vertical Lift Systems enable the exploitation of all the available space in premises with irregular layouts.
Do more, in less time, using less people.
Non-Automated storage systems require operators to spend more than half of their time travelling and searching for items. Having the product brought automatically to the operators, therefore increases through-put considerably, reducing labour requirements by up to 65%.
Fast is fine but accuracy is everything.
It’s not just about speed … knowing what you have, where and for how long is vital for efficient workflow. Incorrect commissioning, under-stocking levels and inventory errors can heavily affect your workflow efficiency resulting in an objective waste of money. The Software Control System, ERP Software Integrations, WMS software, bar code scanning and pick to light systems all serve to increase picking accuracy by up to 99%.
Fitting work to people NOT people to work.
Silo System also allow you to ensure the safety of your personnel, providing maximum ergonomics of the work station area and avoiding dangers for the operator over time. The ergonomic location of the access openings also contributes to employee safety by eliminating the usual necessity of bending, climbing and stretching associated with conventional shelving and rack systems.
Because your goods matter.
The Vertical Lift Systems protect your goods from damage, dirt and also from any unauthorized access! Totally enclosed, lockable and with a special software feature, a SILO offers the possibility to restrict access to specific items or group of items, thereby avoiding unauthorized access, reducing theft and allowing operator traceability.
Quality first
High quality for the maximum efficiency.

All of our procedures, our methods and our processes are certified by the System of Quality and Environmental Management, which meets the EN ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO 14001:2015, EN ISO 3834-2:2005, EN ISO 1090-1:2009 + A1:2011 and international UL standards. All of our products are certified and comply with the regulations of the countries in which we operate.
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