Simple, fast and secure operations. Zero mistakes.

IRIDE is the news interactive technology for the control and management of the SILO Vertical Lift Modules, designed to make all your picking and refilling operations more intuitive, fast and accurate, via a fully integrated digital environment both in the machine and in ICON, the ICAM software management system.

IRIDE transforms the way of thinking picking operations, defining new standard in terms of usability, productivity and accuracy: thanks to a combination of coloured light beams with the Digital Head-Up Dashboard and a control panel in the access opening, the operators can roam freely among the items they have to organize, eliminating the need to continually transit from control panel-to-tray during critical phases of picking or refilling processes.

With IRIDE, picking becomes a unique interactive experience in which to dive.
Benefits at a glance:

Ergonomics and usability:
  • Extremely simplified machine interaction and learning
  • Paperless, hands-free, easy operations
  • Proper identification of right item and right quantity
  • Drastic reduction of picking errors
  • Quick and easy identification of locations interested in picking and refilling
  • Enhanced productivity thanks to reduction in travel and distractions

Light Picking Guide
With The 'Light Picking Guide', coloured light beams identify the right locations containing the material to manage, guiding the operators step by step throughout the process, avoiding mistakes and the fear of making mistakes.

Head-up Digital Dashboard
Having clear and easily understandable information, availbale where needed, is one of the most important requirements for a safe and accurate picking. The 'Head-up Digital Dashboard' projects all the relevant handling information, instructions and alerts onto the automatic shutter door, just in front of the operator, eliminating the need to continually transit from control panel-to-tray during critical phases of picking or refilling processes. The Head-Up Digital Dashboard provides a fully-customized high resolution display for excellent readability of the data.

Adaptive Interior Lightning
IRIDE offers an integrated lighting system, which interacts closely with the Light Picking Guide and exploits the light source, to signal, through multi color codes, situations of warning (safety barriers activation, machine downtimes, etc.). The best possible visibility for maximum safety and accuracy.

Active Control
With the 'Active Control', the operators can interact real time with the information projected onto the Head-up Digital Dashboard, without changing location thanks to the control panel in the access opening. They can modify the number of items to pick or refill, confirm or cancel the operation directly in the access opening eliminating the need to reach the PC.
IRIDE changes the way you think of picking operations, setting new standards in terms of usability, productivity, accuracy.
With IRIDE, picking is a singularly interactive experience to perform.
High productivity and
complete peace of mind
Experience the innovative interactive control system and enjoy a unique combination of usability and technology. The paperless, hand-free gesture control system let you move free among the materials.
Greater precision and
situational awareness at all times
With clear and simple instructions, it becomes evident where to pick and the right quantity to collect. All information shown on the Head-up Digital Dashboard is projected as a natural part of the warehouse for more intuitive and accurate picking. It has been carefully selected for usefulness and low distraction for the greatest safety, productivity and accuracy.
All relevant information
where you need it
All the information you need directly into your line of sight. This makes reading data much easier than the frequently consulting of the control panel.
Keep your attention for your safe & comfort picking
Eliminating the need to continually transit from tray-to-control panel, you can fully concentrate on picking and be productive without stress. The refocused time is only a fraction compared with traditional management systems. This help you to keep your focus up and reduces eye-fatigue.

We believe in ideas in motion, ideas that evolve with both technology and user experience. That's why we strive to make sure we are meeting your needs fully. Let us know what IRIDE can do to further improve the way you interact with our machines. Help us to evolve IRIDE to match your personal and unique expectations.
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