A wide range of optionals to suit every specific need.

Accessories which increase productivity, by facilitating storage and retrieval handling operations, whilst ensuring total ergonomics.

Additional access opening
The possibility of positioning multiple access openings, one next to each other, helps to increase speed and efficiency in the picking process. In the standard version, while one tray is involved in picking operations in one access opening, another tray is already being brought to the access opening next door.

IRIDE – Interactive Multimedia Workstation
Interactive control system that make more intuitive, accurate and faster the picking and retrieval activities showing all the relevant information just in front the operator. Coloured light beams identify the precise location containing the required material, guiding the operator step-by-step through the entire process  
Accessories which improve the accuracy of material handling and help reduce errors made during storage and retrieval operations.

Load cells
Load cells, integrated into tray runners at the access opening, check that the material weight on each tray does not exceed the maximum tray load capacity.

Barcode scanner
The easy integration of barcode scanners for order identification, picking and confirmation increase accuracy and maximize productivity.

RFID Badge Reader
The integration of RFID Badge Reader allows to monitoring and control all the accesses and protect your goods from any unauthorized access.  

Label Printer Interfacing
The label printer interfacing increase accuracy and maximize productivity. 
Accessories which are able to protect the storage system and the materials it contains in every specific type of work environment.

Side viewing windows
Polycarbonate side windows facilitate the inspection of the system from the outside.

Insulated paneling for storage system installations in external environments
Double-skinned, galvanised pre-painted panels, insulated with polyurethane foam and applied to the system’s top cover and side panels, guarantee maximum protection of both the equipment and the items stored. The thickness and heat transfer co-efficiency of the panels used should be evaluated according to the specific needs.
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